Having trouble choosing the Mr.Right Antivirus for yourself?

Well we are facing the same thing also, as a long research and comparison antivirus in the market we manage to filter down to 2 Antivirus which is best available in Malaysia distribution.

Well you may search in Google and ending up back to this two product but we must always give them a fair shots between apple to apple product.

[table id=2 /]

*Price May Change last updated May 2017


We decided to use Bitdefender Total Security 2017 over Panda Antivirus Pro.

Well we think both product meet our needs of protection but when you wanted to purchase multi-user package Bitdefender have the best price.

Some reason from our opinion:-

  • We think that the price for Panda is fluctuate price in Malaysia when we compare every online site that sell the same products, where we believe they are not well maintain by the distributor in Malaysia and afraid of the support they may provide to the end user.
  • Bitdefender price also fluctuated but it seems it have been control where the different is not much, so we believe they know what they are doing.
  • We went to few computer store in Klang Valley and ask for recommendation of antivirus but majority they don’t recommend both of the product because (maybe profit margin is to LOW)
  • Those who recommended Bitdefender over Panda is because of the review floating around the internet and shows satisfying customer



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