Say Hello! to DJI Tello

If you are planning to get one of the drone for your travelling as a beginner Tello is a Drone to goto because DJI is a well known company for expensive drone although they came up with a economy drone for everyone to own one.

with their expertise in term of drone accessories and quality i believe they are more reliable comparing with unknown brand.

Now DJI Tello for a price of $99,


Video / Camera Quality

You don’t need to put a high expectation on using the drone to do Selfie during your traveling because of 5 megapixel is just not going to cut it. But is always a breath taking scenery view shot you can get from DJI Tello where you can always add-on some scenery clips on you video project.

credit to: Micro Motor Warehouse
Credits: Super emer

There is always kind of blury / dreamy feel with some editing i trust you video is just going to be great.

Battery Life: 13m Flight Time

You have to charge 70min in order to get a full 13min flight time, if you are really want to use DJI Tello for travelling is best to advise to pre-plan your idea of your video cause is going to run out of battery before lunch.

It is also great spending some 15 min quality time with you child playing with drone in the park

Solution: Buy an additional Battery Pack “Tello Flight Battery” for $19 /per pcs

Image result for tello battery



  • Battery Life: 13m Flight Time
  • Range of Frequency: 100m
  • Camera Resolution: 720p (with their 5mp)
  • No Controller- Smart Phone Connect (Live View)

Price $99

You able to get DJI Tello a better price as low as RM415 in Lazada Malaysia

*price subjected to change in any period of time


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