Malaysia Fashion Week with Vtechnow 2018

Since August is all about fashion we decided to do an old-school recommendation of fashion which we think is suitable for geek like us.

Who said geek cannot look Cool?

1. Huawei P20 Pro in summary they have a Kirin 720 Processor which said it all whereas the camera is totally awesome. – RM2,729

2. Timberland Backpack we geek is always well prepare with out hardware on the go, timberland is one of the heavy duty bag we think is reliable. – RM999.00

3. Uniqlo Fine Cotton Checkers this is one of the most common design you can every get in the market and yet is still trending

4. Woven Bracelet, well this is consider a weakness to all geek out there where sometime we are just to lazy to wear additional stuff but yet cool – RM 10 – 29.90

5. Microsoft Surface Go, with a quick meet with client as a freelancer always best to carry a compatible yet meeting your work requirement notebook – RM 2399.00

6. Clarks Shoe, this is one of the most comfortable brand shoe i tried. – RM729.00

7. Uniqlo Bottoms Pants, with the Ankle fashion is all around we also need to update ourself why not choose a comfortable to all the geek out there – RM129.90



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