After planing to built my own PC for video editing and everything went smooth but until issue happen when I’m looking for a graphic card to complete my build.

Was looking the choices I have in Malaysia market and my top choices was

  • Asus
  • Gigabyte
  • Zotac

But it seems everyone is giving me the same “REASON”

  • “Bitcoin Miner is buying all the GPU”
  • “BitCoin Miner lah, Now Graphic Card Shortage”

so i asked: When the graphic card will restocked?


  • October 2017
  • Don’t Know yet

“Argh………. Screw You BitCoin Miners”

At the end I found a store that still have stock with Galax GTX 1060 exoc stock in the market

So I drove 1 hour all the way the store and get it just to complete my hardware and hopefully in the weekend I can complete my build.



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